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Your world will be in balance when you balance 5 key areas in your body. A body in balance does not make migraines.
You may not believe that yet, but keep reading.

Do you feel as if you're at the end of your rope, for a lot of reasons?

(There is light at the end of the tunnel. You will feel happy and empowered when you KNOW that you can help yourself to feel good. )

Because you've tried drugs and they don't work or you get rebound effects or you hate the side effects. Because it seems that the healthcare industry doesn't care that there are 28 MILLION+ people in this country who get migraines -- that it affects them and everyone around them. Because so many people -- who don't get migraines and would turn into a puddle if they did -- act as if it's trivial and that you should have taken care of your headaches years ago. That NO ONE seems to understand how devastating it is. That you feel as if you have literally tried every single remedy on the planet and nothing has changed.

Just writing that stirs up the past. I had migraines for 20 years. Three days of nausea and pain that made me not want to do anything but curl up in a dark corner, not moving -- not even swallowing, because that made the head throbbing worse! Then another day or so to pull myself back together. It made any real kind of planning or looking forward to the future a joke. I didn't even want to go anywhere because it was so miserable sitting in a moving, bumping car. I was in a bad mood because I was in pain, but it still made life unhappy for me and the people I love. It seemed like a curse because I didn't know where the migraine came from or how I could stop the pain -- or stop getting a migraine in the first place.

At the time I thought I had to be crazy, and I didn't tell anyone, but after trying over the counter painkillers (and getting terrible rebound headaches) I stopped taking anything at all. When the first warning twinge came and I knew what was coming, I just resigned myself to riding it out -- which felt like being beaten to a pulp before the headache left me.

Not taking anything forced me to read about pain and headaches, to try remedies that I found, either in books or online or in articles or ANYWHERE. What did I have to lose? What was worse than the pain in my head?

I believe in the power of intention -- that if I want something very much I will find it. And I believe in the combination of self-effort and grace. And of course the pain was a goad that kept me moving whether I wanted to or not. Having a background in chemistry helped me to understand some things I read -- but just my common sense and my own experience were often my best guides.

As I researched and experimented, I began to piece together things I KNEW were true, because they worked for me. Not because someone else said they would or wouldn't work. One thing led to another. You know how it is: if you become interested in getting a new red car, suddenly you see red cars everywhere. You read about them, people happen to mention them. They're on TV. I found that good things seemed to be connected to each other -- when I found one thing that helped, some aspect of it would lead me to something else.

Still, it took a lot longer than I hoped it would There were stops and starts. There were migraines in between the blessed periods of comfort and no pain. And I was human. Even when I KNEW that something wasn't good for me, I would get 'hungry' for it and eat it.... Habits are hard to break, even when they lead to hell.

Until, one day I realized that I hadn't had a migraine in a while. (I was a little superstitious, so I didn't even want to notice this, in case I jinxed myself.) But the time between migraines got longer and longer, until I got to the day where I actually could 'see' a future in front of me that had a clear path and sun, and no horrible black areas of doom.

I didn't ever think I would write a book on migraines. For a long time while I had them, the last thing I wanted to do was think about them. But after they seemed to be a thing of the past, I felt driven to write it. Does 'driven' sound too strong? When I was writing this book I hurt my leg so badly I couldn't sit, stand, or lie down and get any comfort. But I sat at my computer for 15 minutes every day -- in spite of the fact that I was equally afraid of making the leg worse -- trying to put together what I had discovered. Because it worked.

You can read the articles on this website and they will tell you a lot of what I learned. I didn't put something different in the articles than in the book. But the book contains everything that I learned, and what I learned helped me to stop my migraines. Stopping my headaches -- because I no longer get migraines -- did not happen all at once, 'poof, my migraines are gone.' If you're looking for that, read no further. There is no magic wand, and I wouldn't trust one if it came along. Quick fixes tend to be 'patches' -- they cover up the problem or move it somewhere else. Applying the information in my book takes a bit of effort, but it is the best effort you will ever make. That is my whole story.

This website shows how migraines are connected to imbalances in key body systems, and describes natural ways to restore balance -- through ARTICLES, recommended BOOKS, LINKS, and PRODUCTS.

(This is also the website for the book 'Avoid A Migraine, Stop A Migraine' now titled Stop Migraine Symptoms Naturally -- see right column under Books)

All of the information on this website has a NATURAL SLANT: acknowledging that a disturbance anywhere in the body is a reflection of a lack of balance in the body as a whole.

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Stop Migraine Symptoms Naturally

While doing research to help my own headaches, I learned that any remedy or treatment that does not address my body as a whole, will either suppress the pain, or attempt to 'help' my migraine symptoms at the expense of the rest of my body.

I discovered 5 AREAS of IMBALANCE connected to migraines.
Stop Migraine Symptoms Naturally
(formerly titled: 'Avoid a Migraine, Stop a Migraine') is the book I wrote showing step by step how I stopped my headaches.

Click Here and request my 6-part e-course 6 Important Things You May Not Know About Migraines

Sandra Feder writes suspense fiction as well as non-fiction. A former research chemist, she lives in Connecticut.

Migraines are a sign that the body is very much out of balance. Whatever you can do to soothe it, will help. Be gentle with yourself. As you read the articles on this website, you will learn that your headaches are a lot more than pain. Some damage is done to your brain every time you have a siege.

While anyone who has ever had a migraine would not argue that you want the pain to stop, the real goal is to avoid them.

All of the efforts you make to bring your body back into balance so it no longer makes headaches, will pay off.


Comfort is what you need when your head is aching. Try a warm shower. It is relaxing, the heat causes blood vessels in the body to dilate and draw some blood away from the vessels that are pounding in the brain.

Often the sinuses are involved. Many people think they are having a sinus headache, but it is actually a migraine. Warm compresses on the sinuses can help.

Fragrance soothes some people. Whether it is the smell of lavender, or of a cup of chamomile tea, indulge yourself.

Sounds help other people to relax. Don't be influenced by what others say you 'should' listen to. Whatever calms the 'savage beast' inside you, works.


Here is a technique I just ran across, recommended by a doctor.

As soon as the headache starts, fill your kitchen sink with the hottest water you can stand to put your hands in. While it fills, put in your hands and arms at least up to the elbows. You want to keep the water as hot as you can stand, so you will have to add more hot water.

Generally, within about ten minutes the headache should stop.

The idea behind it is this: the heat shunts blood away from the head, to the hands and arms. While this is not a solution (the headache will likely come back another day) it can give a lot of relief.