Migraine Prevention -- A Key Is Enzymes


A Key Is Enzymes

Enzymes are more valuable to you than gold.

They are possibly the most important nutrients in your body. They catalyze (increase the rate of) every single reaction that allows you to live -- think, move, breathe, etc. Enzymes are contained in every raw food and are killed by heat. Conserving and adding to your enzyme store will help you to live healthier and longer -- and is one of the best strategies for migraine prevention.

Don't miss it: On the right side of this page near the bottom is a recipe for a smoothie/shake I make every day. This drink is so delicious that I savor it, and it is brimming with enzymes.

Why Are Enzymes So Important?
(You Last Only As Long As They Do.)

Enzymes are critical to life -- you die when they are gone -- and you apparently have a limited capacity to make them. Research indicates that you are born with an 'enzyme potential' -- only a certain amount of enzymes can be manufactured by your body. It seems that Nature intended you to conserve and add to your enzyme store -- to ensure not just migraine prevention but survival -- by a careful choice of what you eat. However, for many reasons this doesn't happen.

What Are Enzymes? What Kinds Are There?
(Big Proteins That Speed Up Reactions)

Enzymes are very large proteins that catalyze (speed up) every chemical reaction in your body, enabling the reactions to go fast enough to support life. Enzymes make possible everything from cellular division to brain activity. Enzymes are responsible for a myriad of reactions -- from those involved in energy production to those involved in removing toxins -- that are critical for migraine prevention. In fact, the quality of your life is in direct proportion to your store of enzymes.

What Kinds of Enzymes Do You Contain?

Digestive Enzymes: About two dozen types, largely produced by the pancreas. They break food down into the small, readily absorbable particles required by your body for energy, repair, etc.

Metabolic Enzymes: Hundreds and hundreds of types, and found in all body tissues. Normally they run all body processes except digestion. These are the enzymes that must be available in abundance to keep us functioning and alive.

Why Is Raw Food Important?
(It Helps Reduce The Burden On Your Body.)

Raw food contains food enzymes -- enzymes specifically created for digesting itself. These enzymes begin the process while the food is in your mouth, being chewed. The enzymes continue the process while the food rests in the upper (cardiac) portion of your stomach.

Why Is This Valuable?
(Enzymes Help You To Live Better And Longer.)

Because raw food brings along its own enzymes, it takes the burden from your body's digestive enzymes (as well as from your metabolic enzymes.) Your enzyme storehouse isn't depleted as rapidly as it would be if IT had to supply all of the digestive power for everything you ate. Migraine prevention turns out to be a by-product of efforts to keep yourself living longer and healthier.

What About Cooked Food?
(Heat Kills Enzymes.)

When you cook food, the enzymes it contains are destroyed. In order to digest cooked food, your body has to manufacture and secrete 100% of the enzymes required. Depending on the type and amount of cooked food you eat, your body may not be able to meet the demand for digestive enzymes. When that happens, your body will steal metabolic enzymes from your tissues and organs and transform them into digestive enzymes. When metabolic enzymes are lacking for brain-related reactions, this can lead to a migraine. A diet low in cooked foods is central to migraine prevention.

There May Not Be Enough Enzymes To Go Around.
(Result: Reduced Functioning, Or Worse.)

If metabolic enzymes are diverted to help digest food, they are not doing their primary work -- regulating the heart or the brain or the rest of the body. In effect, you have set up a competition for enzymes among the various organs and tissues of your body. Some of the problems related to insufficient metabolic enzymes: inflammation, decreased ability to heal -- and migraines.

Incompletely digested food can produce toxins in the bowel that seep out and get into the blood -- another route by which they can cause a migraine.

What happens when the supply of metabolic enzymes also becomes exhausted? The chemical processes cannot run fast enough to provide enough energy to your cells. When this happens, migraine prevention is not a priority of your body -- survival is. 'When you lose your last enzymes, you die.'

What Can You Do?
(Eat More Raw, Organic Foods.)

Eating as many foods as you can in their raw state is one of the best things you can do for migraine prevention.By using their dietary enzymes to predigest the food and put less of a strain on your digestive and metabolic enzymes, you bypass many types of stresses that lead to migraines. Make sure the raw foods you eat are enzyme-rich. Also, be sure to eat organic foods. Organic compost has high levels of enzymes so that organic foods have more concentrated enzymes than food grown conventionally. And organic foods do not contain pesticides and other toxins that poison your body.

Adjusting your diet to include more raw foods (and enzymes) is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your body does not make a migraine.

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Enzyme Nutrition
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Looking For A Delicious, Enzyme-Rich Drink?

Here Is One I Never Get Tired Of.
(It Is That Good.)

This is a drink that has to be made in a strong blender -- like a Vita-Mix. I've had one for maybe ten years (the Super 5000 Total Nutrition Center) and use it several times every day.

This drink uses enzyme-rich foods. All of the ingredients are raw and organic.

Into my Vita-Mix I put:

  • 2 cups milk
  • 1 banana, sliced
  • 2 dates (remove the pits)
  • 14-16 almonds (soak them overnight in water and remove the skins)
  • 3 ice cubes

    According to my blender's directions, I blend on high for about 30 seconds. Serve immediately. Makes several cups. Sharing is optional.