Migraine Symptoms -- Learn How To Detox


Learn How To Detox

(It Is Not Just For The Famous)

When many people think of detox, they get an image of some famous person going away to clean the alcohol or drugs from his or her system. But drugs are only one of the ways that you can poison your body, and drug-induced damage (from incoherence to destroyed livers) is only one kind of damage.

Much more common is the poisoning you get from your environment -- the air you breathe, the food you eat, the water you drink, even the energy that surrounds you. All of these toxins can lead to migraine headache symptoms.

While you can't control all the sources of toxicity, there are two things you can and must do if you want to live out your life in a relatively comfortable and functioning body.

1. Stop taking more toxins in.

2. Get rid of the toxins that are already inside you.

Detoxing Is Something Your Body Does Every Day
(Unless You Stop It)

Your body has organs (like the liver), and mechanisms (like using alkaline minerals to neutralize acids) to deal with toxins that get into your body. Detoxing is a process the body naturally performs to keep itself healthy. However, when you take in too many toxins, they overwhelm the ability of the body to cope. The body stores the toxins until you give it the resources it needs to get rid of them.

Just because the toxins are stored doesn't mean that they don't bother you. Inside your cells they seriously interfere with normal cell functions -- leading to problems like migraine symptoms.

Detox refers to the release of toxins from the cells of the body. Toxins are released when you take in nutrients (from food or supplements) that bind to them, neutralize them, and escort them out of your body.

Where Do Toxins Come From?
(What Do They Do?)

Toxins come from the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe. Foods that are predominantly acid-forming (meat, fish, grains) produce acids that can overwhelm the body's ability to neutralize and eliminate them -- so the body stores them in ALL your cells. Additives (like MSG and MSG-types) are highly acid-forming; they poison cells as well as damaging nerve cells. Heavy metals and other pollutants in our environment make their way into the body (from fish, water, etc.) and are stored in the body. ALL of these toxins can lead to migraine symptoms.

While toxins are inside your cells, they get in the way of the cells' chemical reactions, and they cut down energy production. But when they are released, you know it. They are now in contact with your nerves and the irritation they cause can lead to a host of uncomfortable symptoms.

What Are Detoxing Symptoms?
(How Can They Make You Miserable? Let Me Count The Ways)

When toxins are released from your cells, they re-enter the bloodstream, causing side effects throughout your body. These include jittery nerves, changes in your behavior, racing pulse, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, all kinds of pains, insomnia, nausea, sinus congestion, digestive upsets, bad breath, body odor and skin eruptions.

As the toxins come out of the cells they may overwhelm the nervous system. If the nervous system cannot direct the functioning of organs, toxins can build up and you can literally feel poisoned.

Is there anything good about detoxing? The very fact that your body is throwing off these toxins tells you that it is healthy enough to release them, and that you are gettting closer to a state where you will feel good all the time. When your body doesn't have toxins, it won't make migraine headaches.

How Does The Body Detox?
(What Can You Expect And When?)

While the body may seem to detoxify from the inside out, (from your internal organs out to your skin) you may find that detoxing is going on simultaneously on several levels. First the internal organs are detoxed. The bowel, kidneys and liver are the primary organs of detoxification.

Then the toxins come out of the muscles, bones, ligaments, and nerves. While this is happening, you may experience ongoing neck aches, backaches, painful joints, aching muscles, and tension in your muscles, or muscle spasms.

Along with physical symptoms, negative emotional states can also be produced by detoxing. Toxins released in the body circulate through the blood stream -- including the brain. Temporary 'bad moods,' depression, or feeling out of sorts can result.

When the body can't neutralize acids produced by the digestion of acid-forming foods, it can store the acids in fat deposits throughout the body. These are some of the strongest toxins in the body, and the body often saves these for detoxing last. This is why there can be strong detox symptoms toward the end of your detoxing.

(Note: While I have had relatively mild headaches as a result of detoxing, I have never had migraine headaches.)

What Helps The Detoxing Process?
(Superfoods Can Help To Ease The Discomfort)

Eating good, organic, raw foods:

The enzymes in raw foods will help the detoxing process. Enzymes help to break down toxins and to bind them to protein 'carriers' so they can be excreted via the kidneys or the bowel.

These metabolic enzymes are manufactured from various vitamins and minerals, plus amino acids (glycine, glutamine, taurine, methionine, cysteine and glutathione) found in high quality proteins.

Alkaline-forming foods will help to neutralize the toxins so they can be excreted safely.


Antioxidants can help neutralize toxins as well, so they can be excreted safely. Free radicals destabilize a molecule by stealing one of its electrons and turning the molecule into a new free radical. This chain reaction goes on until it is stopped by antioxidants. Taken in proper proportions, the chain of antioxidants (vitamins C, E, B2, bioflavonoids, beta-carotene, glutathione, selenium and zinc) can stop this cycle.

Any Special Heavy Hitters?


Chlorella , another essential detox supplement to aid in detoxification, is an algae. When its cell membrane is fractured Chlorella absorbs toxic metals.


For many years protein was considered to be the main factor used by the body to build and repair itself. But new research has shown that carbohydrates -- complex biomolecules -- play a key role in the process. Glyconutrients are not just burned for energy; they become building blocks known as glycoproteins and glycolypids.

Glyconutrients are eight biologically-active sugars that help make up the structure of every body cell. They enable cells to communicate with each other. Because of this, they are essential for everything from the operation of the nervous system to the proper functioning of the immune system.

Glyconutrients are eight essential sugars. Typically you consume two of them in your diet and manufacture the other six (with a great deal of enzyme help) from the first two. But if you eat all eight, you save your body and your enzymes a lot of work.

How Much Time Does It Take To Detox?
(It Is An Ongoing Process)

If someone tells you that you can get rid of all the toxins in your body in a week or even a month, don't believe it. It took years to pack in those toxins, and it will take a while to dislodge them. (Not to mention that you wouldn't want to be overwhelmed by all of the toxins coming out of all of your cells at one time.)

Add to this that you are constantly 're-toxing' yourself on a daily basis: fast food, overcooked food, negative emotions, stress, anger, lack of water, etc. etc. Detoxing is an ongoing process. To change a famous quote: "Eternal vigilance is the price of health."

It's not as if there's a choice. Toxins cause the first symptoms of chronic poisoning: low energy, fatigue, muscle weakness, inability to concentrate and intestinal complaints. Toxins lead to virtually all types of pain and disease -- including migraine headache symptoms.

You really have only two choices. Stick your head in the sand and ignore it -- and your migraine symptoms will get worse. Or treat your body as a living vehicle that has to get you over the finish line.

Removing Toxins Helps Migraine Symptoms
(It Feels Great)

Many people agree: when you get to a point where you have cleaned out a lot of toxins and you're eating a good diet (so you're not re-toxing yourself), you'll feel a mental clarity you may not have experienced for a very long time. It's part of a larger mind and body feeling that has a sense of newness and freshness to it. People say they feel more alive. It is definitely worth the effort.

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Drinking juices is a great way to get bio-available nutrients (ones your body can quickly and easily use) into you quickly. All of these nutrients help your cells both to function and to get rid of waste products.

Use fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Besides the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients they contain, you get the benefit of their ENZYMES.

Here are a couple of drinks that I particularly enjoy:


  • 5 carrots
  • 1 apple
  • 1/2 inch gingerroot

    Wash and trim the ingredients. Cut into chunks and add to the juicer. DRINK IMMEDIATELY.

    Great Chlorophyll

  • 1 head Romaine lettuce
  • 1 apple
  • 1 lemon (or lime)
  • 1/2 inch gingerroot

    Rinse the romaine, wash the other ingredients. Cut into chunks and add to the juicer. DRINK IMMEDIATELY.

    A good juicer that works reliably and is easy to clean is a big help. When it takes a long time to disassemble and clean a juicer, I just tend to avoid making juices.

    I have a 'Jack LaLanne Stainless Steel Power Juicer' (it's about $90 at Costco) and it works very well. I had the previous version too; this one seems easier to clean and to use. Some tips on juicing:

  • Have your fruit, vegetable cleaned and prepared (stems removed, etc.).

  • Push them through SLOWLY and GENTLY but firmly. Take a little more time and get more juice.

  • Only firm, juicy fruits and vegetables are appropriate (you can't juice a banana).

  • Clean up by rinsing in the sink. Use a sponge, etc for any additional cleaning. Even if the pieces are supposed to be dishwasher-safe, I wouldn't put them in it. The heat and chemicals eventually get to the plastic.

  • The more routine and easy you can make the whole process, the more likely you are to do it regularly.

    I have friends who swear by the Champion juicer -- it gets more juice out and is very easy to clean.